Speaking Of Speaking…

For this, my first blog designed for speakers both business and casual, I would like to share some basic yet useful solutions. One of the most common pitfalls people make during public speaking, is to dwell on what not to do while in the middle of giving a presentation. For instance, to tell yourself to stop speaking so quickly will, more often than not, increase the rate of speed of your speech or talk.  It is almost as if the brain ... read more »

Unleash Your Authentic Voice

Your voice at its very best requires that you unleash your authentic voice.  Taking both the spoken and the sung voice into consideration, your authentic voice can be applied several ways. In singing, which I like to think of as elongated and sustained speech,  whatever style you chose,  finding your distinctive voice means finding your authentic voice in order to unleash it. The optimal goal is to have a ringing, radiant voice ... read more »