For Choral Singers and Choirs

Because every voice counts!

Ensemble ~ Choral Singers

Singers seeking vocal instruction for ensemble or choral singing are welcome to schedule an initial session. At that first session, a basic over view of the methods and techniques I offer will be presented. If after the first session, you wish to continue, based on your input, I will make an assessment of your musical and technical levels to address your individual needs and make an immediate and future plan, goals and solutions

Ensembles ~ Choirs

For  ensembles and choirs seeking a vocal instructor,  individual sessions are recommended, however, I also offer weekly group  seminars or week-end training.

Why work on your voice when no one will hear you?


  • Your voice counts!
  • Developing vocal skills and improving posture will bring more enjoyment to your choral experience.
  • When you are confident about your voice, you will be freer to focus on being a solid and secure team player.

Why should choirs incorporate voice training?


  • When the entire choir participates in vocal training, the group begins to sing/speak with one voice.

For the healthy development, maintenance and sustainability of your voice, performance and presentation, I offer a straightforward, standard, vocal technique combined with attention to the  mind – body –voice – connection.



After an initial session, an introductory trial period, consisting of six sessions to be taken within a three month period is recommended. This trial period will provide an opportunity for some solutions to begin to take hold within a relatively relaxed, yet focused, time period.




 “you are surrounded (I cannot describe it differently) by magic!

Yes magic and special vibes (like when cantüsse -Cantus Domus singers – who had lessons with you often try to describe the phenomenon, that a touch from your fingertips can lighten up somenone’s spirits and can bring forward somebody’s voice)”

Carolin Seidl,


“When I came to the session … I was feeling confused (about decision making).  Afterwards, I left in a very good mood and feeling confident.

Thank you very much again for the inspiring and encouraging conversation today and for all the other nice things that you teach us during our short but very up-lifting classes.

…you both radiate life and happiness. We are very lucky to have you as our teacher!

See you tomorrow for some Amazing Grace!”

Ira Melkonyan,
“the rubberbodies collective” Malta

“… I really valued my time with the choir and I especially appreciated my private lessons. It had been a while since I had taken lessons, and I think I needed this boost to get me back into the game.  I’m really hoping to sing more when I get back to Bard (Bard College – Upstate New York).

Thank you so much for the lessons and the support. I had a lot of fun with my solo piece … and with the choir. I think we put on a great show tonight, and I think the audience thought so too!

Thank you so much for a great semester”

Marissa Shadburn,
Classical and Musical Theater Singer