For Solo Singers

Your voice at it's very best is a free and ringing voice

Interested singers are welcome to schedule an initial session.  During this session, I will present a basic outline of the  fundamental techniques I use. Based on your input, I will design a plan and customize solutions to suit your immediate or long term needs.

Training voices to be free from constraints and function in harmony with the physical and emotional body, in which the voice is housed, is the first step toward achieving a balanced vocal production.

Such balance begins to take shape by understanding and recognizing the body as an instrument and by learning how to unleash your authentic voice by employing only that which you need in order to produce healthy, distinct and durable sounds, which are free of inhibiting, unnecessary and often unconscious physical habits or constraints.

How will you benefit from PPS Training? Through:

  • Continuity and regularly scheduled sessions, which are essential to your progress.
  • Developing or building on existing vocal skills and improving posture which will enhance presence, productivity and lead to success.
  • Making and securing effective changes in your voice with dedication, focus and time.
  • Cultivating a free and ringing voice, which will allow you to be able to concentrate on the music, the message and delivering dynamic performances.

For the healthy development, maintenance and sustainability of your voice, performance and presentation, I offer a straightforward, standard, vocal technique combined with attention to the  mind – body –voice – connection.


After an initial session, an introductory trial period, consisting of six sessions to be taken within a three month period is recommended. This trial period will provide an opportunity for some solutions to begin to take hold within a relatively relaxed, yet focused, time period.


I will not forget the warmth, joy and expressiveness that you brought to music-making both in music lessons and in the choir.

For me that is now the bottom line for any musical performance and it has made such a difference to my singing. I particularly remember what you had to say about Swing Low Sweet Chariot–both its history and how it should be sung. I feel very privileged to have had a chance to work with you on that and other songs.

Sarah B. Watson
Classical Singer, United Kingdom


“Thank you for everything. I have learned so much!”

Daniel Rakasz
International Musicals Singer Dancer

I wanted to tell you: I got accepted (…)!

I wanted to thank you for your support and help as my vocal teacher and also for your guidance and for encouraging me.

You have helped me on my way to finding the thing I want to work on and live with in my life: singing !

Milena Knauss
Classical Singer, Germany