For this, my first blog designed for speakers both business and casual, I would like to share some basic yet useful solutions.

One of the most common pitfalls people make during public speaking, is to dwell on what not to do while in the middle of giving a presentation. For instance, to tell yourself to stop speaking so quickly will, more often than not, increase the rate of speed of your speech or talk.  It is almost as if the brain only recognizes the speaking quickly part of that command and then it springs into action speeding things up even more.

A more useful solution is to think about and focus on what it is you want to achieve. In this case, your goal in speaking more slowly is, in reality, about speaking more distinctly. When you give space and a little time, building pauses around and between your words (verses running words together in quick succession), a slower, more distinct delivery will be the natural result.

To avoid slowing down to a snail’s pace of speaking in mono tones, the accompanying step is to consciously build your sentences by stressing the most important action, descriptive and subject words. In building sentences and presentations, you want to have a good beginning, leading to an interesting and solid middle, drawing the listener to a strong conclusion.

These solutions may sound like simple ones, however, in reality they take a great deal of practice and vigilance to incorporate this simple approach while speaking in front of others. Giving yourself a task to do verses focusing on what not to do will improve your chances of achieving your desired goal in successful, information communication.