Studio Policies

Keeping communication transparent

Studio Protocol

After your first initial introductory session, if you wish to proceed, We can discuss and customize a personal plan for you. Your customized plan will include the following basic protocols:

Commitments and Scheduling:

  • Agreeing upon a commitment based on goals and availability
  • Clients are responsible for scheduling sessions
  • Scheduling requires flexibility and as many free hours to choose from as possible on teaching days offered
  • Once a scheduled commitment has been made there are No Cancellations and No Refunds


  • Clients are responsible for postponing sessions
  • As soon as possible by text message, email or phone. Keep trying until you get a reply.
  • Confirmation by instructor is required in order for the postponement to be valid
  • By 10AM two days before the day you have confirmed is secure earlier is appreciated – UNLESS you have a morning session (then two days before by 8PM).
  • Minimum advance notice by phone or text message.
  • Less than the minimum advance 10AM two days notice due to Corona restrictions: the session is lost and not made up
  • Valid make-up sessions to be taken within 30 days for monthly payment options or within length of commitment for season tickets
  • Postponements made by the Studio will be made up as soon as possible
  • No Shows” – “No Call” – “No Cancel” sessions are forfeited and jeopardizes your credibility
  • If late, the session duration will be whatever time is remaining with no make-up for time lost
  • One hour sessions are 55 minutes long allowing five minutes for arrivals and departures

Payment Options

General Payments Options are to be agreed upon for the following commitments, which include:


  • Season commitments: Quarterly – Bi-annually
  • Session Ticket: 6 – 10 or 12 to be taken within 3- 5 or 6 month period
  • Month by month prepaid a month in advance (after the trial period)
  • Renewal – Pauses – Cancellations: Notify as soon as possible.
  • Renewal – Pauses – Cancellations: Minimum 30 – 31 day advance notice before end of commitment
  • All fees are payable in advance
  • No Refunds