Your voice at its very best requires that you unleash your authentic voice.  Taking both the spoken and the sung voice into consideration, your authentic voice can be applied several ways.

In singing, which I like to think of as elongated and sustained speech,  whatever style you chose,  finding your distinctive voice means finding your authentic voice in order to unleash it. The optimal goal is to have a ringing, radiant voice which free of constraints often born out of subconscious habits.  Singing with your authentic voice is about allowing your feelings, personality and meaning in the messages to flow forth through your sound which is transported through vowels.

In speaking, unleashing your authentic voice means allowing your personality to shine forth in not only what you want to say but in how you say it. What is your point of view and how to express it in a manner that the listener will believe that you mean what you say.  An authentic presentation will result in your listener’s engagement with you and your presentation.

In both disciplines, the music and the message are served by your voice. Said another way, the voice is the vessel through which the message is being transmitted.  Relaxed concentration is one key to support these goals. How relaxed you can be while maintaining energy, focus and interest regardless of the content (even when it may not be so exciting on paper) will lead to a successful presentation or performance.

Once many years ago, while still a student, after reading a newspaper and deciding that there was simply no news worth reading, I put the newspaper down. A few minutes later, my sister in law picked up the same boring news and began reading aloud.  The same words I had found completely uninteresting began flying off the page and into the room. Suddenly, everyone began listening, laughing, commenting and marveling.  It was a stunning demonstration of how life can be breathed into even the most seemingly uninteresting words.  It was my first demonstration that it is not so much about what information is being transmitted but rather is almost all about how information is transmitted.

Technical skill is key which supports and helps make relaxed concentration possible. Developing technical skills is a tool, a valuable tool but none the less a tool to serve information communication regardless if you are singing an aria or song, giving a speech or talking to a boss, client, employee or with friends out on the town.

Combining technical skills with relaxed concentration and conscious body language, your authentic voice will be unleashed allowing your message and music to emerge as you become a dynamic communicator all while having fun at the same time.